Baby Naming ceremonies

If I’m going to tell a good story
It’s going to start with my name

Kendrick Lamar

Everyone wants to know what the new baby is called. You will have named him or her with great care and deliberation, thought and discussion.

Most new parents would like to introduce their new little one to friends and family. It is an opportunity to show how much the new life is momentous and the love overwhelming.

A traditional christening is not the choice for many but now you are free to gather your friends and family for a baby naming wherever you wish. The ceremony can be simple and informal but may include some chosen symbolic elements such as naming candles, tree planting, balloon release or whatever you wish. It can include some promises to the child made by parents and sponsors/guide parents. You may have a favourite venue or your own back garden.

My service to you will involve writing the ceremony as you wish it to be. Once you are happy with the content I will deliver it in a characteristically professional and friendly style at your chosen venue.

You will receive a printed bound keep sake version to treasure.

Basic fee: £200   (additional elements and travel costs to be added if required)

Names have power
Like magic spells

Cinderella 2015