There are all sorts of reasons. For me the drive would be to have the celebration that I never had on my actual day. Our ceremony, our way and better photos!

The vows you actually made are likely to have been part of a formal script. Did you think about their meaning? Now after some water has passed under the bridge you can consider the wedding vows in a new light and even rewrite them or add to them to make them more meaningful.

You may have new friends and additional family with whom you wish to celebrate …’hey look we’re still in this life together and it means a lot to us’

You may have had a church wedding and would now like to renew your vows in a non-religious setting. David and Victoria Beckham had a huge lavish wedding including his and her thrones. Their vow renewal was at home quietly with a handful of friends and family. Other attractions are that no licence or paper work is needed. The event can be quiet and intimate or a big splashy event, romantic or exuberant

For some the renewing of vows represents the start of a new chapter in their marriage and could be celebrated with new rings or hand fasting or a wine blending. Whatever the plans, it demonstrates that as a couple there is no complacency in the marriage but rather an active will to cherish and protect the enduring relationship.

Vow renewal offers the exciting chance to select music, poems, readings, venue, refreshments and decorations without the restriction of tradition or pressures from family at the original wedding.

And then there is always the chance of a second honeymoon…..


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