Wedding traditions have their origins in so many cultures it is a treat to learn about the way that others symbolise their very special day. I have been learning about some of the customs in the Valencia region of Spain where I live for some of the year. You may consider adopting a custom from Spain wherever the location of your big day.

As in Britain the bride’s father traditionally escorts her to church, often walking around the village or locality with the guests joining behind. I love that the groom’s mother escorts her son down the aisle or equivalent. Because of the Mediterranean heat weddings are often in the evening and can go on until the small hours!

A traditional wedding custom in Spain was that the groom presented 13 gold coins symbolic of his commitment to support her. Today it is more often the case that the couple exchange 13 coins symbolising the resources that they will share going forward.  Did you know? In Spain, the alianza (wedding ring) is worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

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